My Franken-Ibanez Musician Restoration Is Finished.

8 Jun

Some of you guys may recall from an earlier post that i came into the position of a 1979 Ibanez Musician that had been modified into a custom bass. Well there where a few issues that I didn’t like to do with the bass, mainly the wall screws holding in the pups, but thankfully these are now done. All i have to do is set this baby up and she is ready to go. I fixed the issue with the pickup fixing method, cleaned the bridge saddles and conditioned the neck.

I am gonna try and get a set of new strings for her soon, I don’t really know what type to get. She has a fat deep tone that i would like to use for progressive melodic rock/metal, any ideas guys?

Anyway here are the pics:




If you would like to see the before pictures then check out my previous post which also tells you what customisation has been done to this Bass.


Thanks for reading guys and let me know what you think.

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