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Today I’ Learning: Dmanlamius’ Lesson Tree

23 Jun

Hey guys, sorry I have not posted in a while. I guess life has kinda got in the way. Anyway yesterday I started following dmanlamius’ lesson tree for beginners on his website  http://www.dmanlamius.com/#/lesson-tree/4533744392 , I just thought I would let you all know what i thought about it.

As you guys will know if you have read some of my other posts I find dmanlamius’ lessons very useful. The way he approaches the subjects I find really appealing and  I have learnt more from him in a few videos then I have from the same amount of face to face lessons I had with a teacher.

The lessons started with an informal video discussing the issues related to tendon and nerve damage that can result in improper stretching and warm-ups. He then goes on to show a number of really useful stretches that everyone should use before playing.

This was followed by a lesson going into great detail about the different ways to tune a bass. He covers everything from using the 5th fret method to harmonic tuning and drop tuning. This lesson is a real must for all bassists not just beginners.

I found the following two lessons a great help as you are taught an actual bass line and given a beat to play along with. The bass line is simple enough that most beginners should be able to be play with a little practice. The great thing about they way dmanlamius teaches is he doesn’t just show you what you have to play, he walks you through the riff and shows you what fingers to use and where to place you hands.

If you are just starting out on the road to learning bass you could do a lot worse the follow dmanlamius. As I compleat the other videos/classes I will update my reviews here.