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Today I’m Learning: Beat It by Michael Jackson

6 Jun

So today i thought i would try and learn something funky and fun, after searching the net i decided to try that famous bass lineBeat It” by Michael Jackson. It was quite easy to learn and i would suggest that all beginners should try this riff. After playing it for a short time i realised that this riff could be adapted for use in everything from songs to jamming sessions.
I learnt this with the help of a video on youtube that was uploaded by an amazing player who goes by the name Dmanlamius76, He has an amazing array of videos for bass players to learn from. Here is the video:

The tab for the way Dman plays it is as follows:


and then again, with the last note taken off

Thats a nice simple one to start with.

Big thanks go to Dmanlamius76 for this lesson and the inspiration, if you would like more information on him and his lessons, you can find them here:
Website: http://www.dmanlamius.com/
Blog: http://learnbass.net/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Dmanlamius7

Why your there check out his amazing tune called Sleep, Melody, Sleep. Just amazing.